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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where can I learn more about my condition?

Refer to our Patient Education section where most of your questions can be answered. If you have any further questions please write them down and bring them to your appointment.

Q. How soon are appointments available?

For urgent orthopedic problems, we try our best for a same day appointment. For less urgent problems, we will work to accommodate your needs as best we can, typically within a few days.

Q. How long will my initial visit take?

Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your appointment to complete your paperwork and register.

Completing our online registration forms in advance will shorten this process. Your appointment can take upwards to an hour depending on the complexity of your condition.

Q. Do I have to have xrays taken before I come to the office?

We can take your X-rays at our office, if they are necessary. However, a few medical plans may require that you have X-rays taken at a specific location. If you are unsure whether your medical plan covers X-rays at our office, it is best to check your plan benefits before your office visit.

Q. What happens if I need surgery?

If you have an orthopedic problem that requires surgery, your physician will explan your options. Our staff will assist you in scheduling and precertifying your surgery. We will also make sure that your questions and concerns are answered.

Q. Which medical plans do your orthopedic doctors participate in?

Our orthopedic doctors are preferred providers for Medicare and for most major medical plans in the Santa Barabara county area. Some medical plans require a referral from your primary care physician in order to see a specialist. If you are with a medical plan that requires a referral, its your responsibility to obtain the referral before your office visit.

Q. How long do outpatient radiology authorizations take?

It depends on the study type, number of studies, and your insurances authorization protocol. Some studies may need further review and a physician to physician review to be authorized. In most cases it should not take more than four business days to obtain authorization.

Q. What is the protocol for scheduling an INFANT ultrasound with our specialist?

We prefer to use Radiologist Dr. Benzian for our ultrasound studies of infant hips for dysplasia. He is a well-respected radiologist who is partially retired. His availability is very limited, so we try to schedule these studies as soon as possible.

 If you live out of town, we will schedule the study in the AM, and you will be seen at our office that afternoon for results.

Q. What should I do after my outpatient radiology study?

Unless the physician has specified that he will call, all patients should schedule a follow up visit. The physician will explain the results to you and go over any concerns you may have at that time.

Q. Do I have a choice as to where my child will conduct an outpatient radiology study?

You do have a choice as to what location, although it has to be a facility we are authorized to view images on through the picture archival and communication system.

We will generally pick a location that has the lowest out of pocket fee. For special studies that have different protocols, the physician may select the location to obtain the best results.

Q. What facilities are you authorized to view studies from?

Santa Barbara – Pueblo Radiology, Sansum radiology, Cottage hospital, Santa Barbara Extremity MRI

North Counties – Sierra Vista Hospital, San Luis Diagnostics, French Hospital, Radiology Associates, Digital Medical Imaging, Five Cities Imaging, Templeton Imaging, Marian Medical Center, Arroyo Grande Hospital

Ventura – Community Memorial Hospital, Ojai Valley Medical Center, Grossman Imaging Centers

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