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Patient Reviews

  • Dr. Maguire is an incredible doctor. He is attentive and will explain everything to you. He is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr.Mcguire

  • Dr. Maguire & Early’s Pismo office has such a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The front desk is always prompt & polite. Visits for my son are always very comfortable, thorough, and everyone really goes the extra mile to ensure that all your questions & concerns have been answered- from check-in to check-out.
    Source: Google Reviews 1
  • Cannot express how much of a positive difference Raquel made in our recovery journey after a clavicle break. After a traumatic visit to the ER with a very scared and hurt 3 year old, our visit with Raquel at Maguire and Early was informative, relaxed, enjoyable, and my daughter loved the “really really friendly doctor!” Thank you so much!
    Source: Google Reviews 2
  • Doctor and office staff are very caring, professional, thorough, and fast! We didn't have to wait long. The office was run like clockwork. Everything was explained to us. Doctor Maguire is highly educated and easy to talk to.
    Source: Google Reviews 3
  • Excellent service, attentive doctor Maguire, knows how to listen and clearly explain. A professional in his field. I recommend!
    Source: Google Reviews 4
  • Dr Maguire was very helpful and great bed side manner! The front desk was kind and Lupo was very helpful. The whole process was quick and easy! No waiting. Best of all Dr Maguire identified a fracture that two other Drs missed and was able to treat my son promptly! Definitely recommend this office!
    Source: Google Reviews 5
  • We had a wonderful experience with every single doctor at Pediatric Orthopedics. Dr. Maguire did an excellent job on my son's unique injury. I will recommend them to anyone we know needing orthopedic care for their children. To be honest we were sad to have our final visit and have to say goodbye.
    Source: Google Reviews 6
  • Dr. Maguire and his Pismo Beach staff are super nice, professional and made our visit a pleasure to attend.
    Source: Google Reviews 7
  • This was such a nice start with a awful finish. I was Forgot about in exam room. Raquel started off great, then just lost the end of appt. Raquel forgot to give me prescription she recommended. The other staff members noticed she forgot about me and tried to help. They do not offer pre op pain management, which is OK, but when I called main office to ask of they could promptly deliver the message that the pain management office requires them to send referral to even be seen, Adrianna the receptionist, was awful, refused to help, or even deliver the message to the office, only a no guarantee email attempt, basically stating "that's not how it works," and left me there. I had high hopes for this office, and I hope they see this and make amends. Communication is key, I am a patient regardless of age, if they didn't want an adult patient, they did not have to take me. The pain management is understandable, however, if the ONLY thing they have to do is send the referral for me, then why on earth would they make someone in pain wait??? And if there are more reasons, guess what?? NO COMMUNICATION so I wouldnt know. Hope to update this with 5 stars, as the appointment started strong, and just fell apart at the end, and the main office receptionist Adrianna, was just awful.
    Source: Google Reviews 8
  • The office staff and doctors are amazing! Compassionate and easy to talk to. Our son had elbow surgery with Dr Maguire. No issues with surgery center everything went smoothly. We are on the road to recovery now! Thank you!
    Source: Google Reviews 9
  • Really nice staff and Doctors. Answers and addresses my concerns.
    Source: Google Reviews 10
  • I love Dr. Maguire and the way he talks to my daughter. He is friendly.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • We had a wonderful experience at Maguire & Early Orthopedics! All of the staff was very efficient and friendly and I highly recommend this place!!
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • The staff was very efficient and friendly. Everyone helped working together and we were in and out in no time. I highly recommend this place.
    Source: Google Reviews 11
  • Dr. Maguire fixed my Daughter’s club foot. He’s an incredible Doctor and man. He put us at ease from the second we met him. That was not an easy task as we had our first newborn in surgery at 6 weeks old. She’s 3 now. Every time we see him, my wife and I leave his office in full confidence that we have given our daughter the best care possible. His demeanor and knowledge are top notch. He even gave us his personal phone number after her surgery which was comforting for new parents. 10 Stars!!!
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 1
  • Dr Maguire straightened my son's arm after fracture. Great job. Now going to see him to straighten my son's legs.
    Source: Healthgrades Reviews 2
  • We saw Dr. Early this week after my daughter fractured her arm and he was kind, friendly, and efficient. The front office staff was a pleasure to work with and the x-Ray tech was simply fantastic. Even when the bill came - and we're glad it came quickly so we knew what we were in for - it was simple, reasonable, and correct. Our experience was downright pleasant and belies the stereotypical experience one might expect to have interacting with an extremely busy medical office. I highly recommend Dr. Early for any of your kids' broken bone needs.
    Source: Yelp Reviews 1
  • The office of Dr. Maguire and Dr. Early have always been extremely helpful to myself and my kids. Both Dr. Maguire and Dr. Early have seen my kids and they are both so kind. You can tell they have dealt with kids for a very long time. Comforting to not only my kids but myself. The wait time can get up there, which is understandable considering they are the only pediatric orthopedic around, and they do their best to get you an appointment as soon as they can. Lots of orthopedic departments (like Sansum) make you wait like 2 months for a knee injury. Staff has always been great! Suggestions when scheduling here. Take the first available, both doctors are awesome!
    Source: Yelp Reviews 2
  • My son seen Dr Early as recommendation from his pediatric doctor. He he was nice and knowledgeable. There wasn't a long wait we were in and out in about a hour. I had a problem with insurance. Sent Dr. Early an email he replied very quickly wanting to fix the problem immediately. As a mom bills are a high priority and for him to get back to me so soon as he did to fix the problem is a big plus.
    Source: Yelp Reviews 2
  • Truly, the great experience. We were referred to this office by our local ER: indeed, these doctors are the only pediatric orthopedic professionals on the Central Coast. Customer service over the phone was excellent, they were able to fit us in the very same day, having obtained all records from the ER in a very short period of time. Doctor McGuire was fast, efficient and friendly: he made my daughter immediately feel comfortably, talked her through the cast procedure and we were in and out fast. We received precise instructions on follow up and next steps. Overall, our family had a very positive experience. I loved the fact that we felt cared for and cared about, every step of the way, from the very first phone call!
    Source: Yelp Reviews 2
  • We were referred to Dr. Maguire by our pediatrician in SLO county. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience! The entire staff was polite and answered all of my questions. My son is 4 and broke his tibia and despite being in pain, he didn't cry or act scared because of the level of professionalism shown by the doctor and staff. Thank you for going the extra step and making a stressful and scary situation for me as a mom into a very happy one for my son!
    Source: Yelp Reviews 2
  • Mike is great on both a professional and personal basis. Due to the number of times Mike has seen my kids we also became friends. I would highly recommend him. He and his staff are professional, courteous and genuinely care for your kids health.
    Source: Yelp Reviews 2
  • Receptionist look like they hate their job. You are working in a doctors office..patients want to come in and see a welcoming person behind the desk not someone with an attitude.
    Source: vitals Reviews 1
  • Dr Maguire realigned my sons legs. What a blessing for him to touch my son's life. I trust this man.
    Source: vitals Reviews 2
  • There is just not enough space to say all the wonderful things about Mike and his staff. We have had to see him on many occasions concerning my twin grand daughters. One who has Cerebral Palsy and the other with a club foot. He worked closely with the physical therapists and others who were working with my grand daughters. Excellent beside manner and explained everything in detail. His staff is wonderful and nice. Next my father broke his hip. Called his office and he was willing to help and take care of my elderly Dad. Very efficient and Dad is very happy! You want a great orthopedist, come to Dr. Mike Maguire!
    Source: vitals Reviews 3
  • The best! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful practitioner and person in this area to help our children.
    Source: vitals Reviews 3
  • Dr. Maguire is very professional, excellent bedside manner, very good with children.
    Source: vitals Reviews 5
  • Dr. Maguire is Amazing! Very professional and a Great Doctor! Thank you! :)
    Source: vitals Reviews 2

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