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Fracture Care Specialist

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Bone fractures require the highest quality of care to reduce your risk for improper healing and bone deformities. At Maguire & Early Orthopedics, orthopedic specialists Michael Maguire, MD, and Sean Early, MD, offer comprehensive fracture care at their offices in Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach, California. The team specializes in non-surgical fracture care services like casting and bracing and also offers surgery to treat moderate to severe fractures. Call the office of Maguire & Early Orthopedics to schedule a fracture care consultation or book a consultation online today.

Fracture Care Q & A

What is a fracture?

A fracture is a break in your bone that can result from stress, falls, or other types of traumas. You might also be at a higher risk for fracture if you have underlying health issues like osteoporosis and cancer.

There are two types of fractures the team at Maguire & Early Orthopedics can diagnose and treat, including:

Closed fractures

Closed fractures describe a bone break where the skin remains intact.

Open fractures

Open fractures occur when you have a severe break in the bone that pierces the skin. Open fractures increase your risk for infection and typically require surgical repair.

What are the symptoms of a fracture?

You can develop a fracture in any of your bones, including in the vertebrae of your spine. Your symptoms will depend on the location of your fracture but typically include:

  • Sudden pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Warmth
  • Redness

If you fracture a bone in your leg or foot, you may have difficulty putting weight on the affected bone. In serious fractures, you might also notice a visible deformity in the bone.

It’s important that you schedule a diagnostic evaluation of your bones right away if you suspect you have a fracture to prevent it from worsening. The team at Maguire & Early Orthopedics offers comprehensive fracture care services to preserve the health of your bone and prevent long-term complications.

What fracture care services are available?

To address an open fracture, the team at Maguire & Early Orthopedics can perform surgery to reset your bone. They may add pins, screws, or plates to stabilize your bone and reduce your risk for deformities. The team also effectively cleans the wound to prevent infection and can remove excess pieces of bone so your fracture heals correctly.

To help a closed fracture heal, the orthopedic specialists may initially try immobilizing the affected bone with a brace or a cast to help your bone heal naturally. The team also offers traction services, a procedure to realign your bone using a gentle, steady pulling action.

Fractures take several weeks to several months to heal, depending on the severity of the fracture. The team at Maguire & Early Orthopedics continues to monitor your healing process to ensure the bone heals fully so you can return to your usual activities.

You might also need to participate in physical therapy and at-home exercises to restore your joint flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength.

To schedule a fracture care appointment, call the office of Maguire & Early Orthopedics nearest you or book a consultation online today.